freaking heat ==’

ahhh.. its soo hot T__T

i just went outside with a a 2 litre water bottle and poured it on my headd .__.

stuupid thing was that.. i wasn’t wearing shoes so it was like OH FISH! CRAP MY FEEETT OWWIEEE… then i held onto the metal door which was also burning, so it was like OH FREAK MY HANDS.. then i held onto the ledge of the stairs which was also coincidentally metal and killed my hands x__x now my feet and hands feel all tingly.

i think through this painful situation, we could all learn a very important lesson… I CAN CONDUCT HEAT! JUST LIKE METAL :D YEEEEEEEEEEAH BEBYYYYY! i’m godly :3


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hehe :)
i started one piece when i was sleeping ovarr at megan’s house and ye.

hm.. one piece is reallly funny :) and their facial expressions are EPICC LOLLL, yupyup. theres a heck load of blood though >.> so gorrrry x((
ummm… im up to ep 50 :O
imma go watch one piece nao x)) bb.
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weirdd dream.

okay, so me, megan, will and henry all had aeroplanes o_o
like our own planes.. AWESOME YEAH?
so i drove my ‘car’ to springvale to pick them up and we all flew our planes to somewhere far… dunno.. but then we were screwed coz we didn’t know where to park our planes o_o but i also remember that we were in the city for sometime.. haha.
yeah well, we caught the train back to springvale and our planes were.. idk where they were, so when we got back to springvale we didn’t know where to leave ‘our’ planes.
so yeah o_o
will and hen left their plane on top of will’s house LOL
megan parked it somewhere and i was screwed.

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long weeeeekn.

kayy, had a really good weekend :]
henry had his bday party near yarra we went boat rowing and we had a bbq and yeah :D pretty fun!

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okay so next day, had a party at xavier/danny’s house somewhere in lilydale, lillydale? and we did pretty much watch movies, go outside and play soccer/catch, yeah like country homos, but it was fun okay? -.- it was frkn hawwt so we went back in and ate and yum :) check my facebook for more pics taken on that day.

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ROFLS, thats us being bored in lilydale ^. Okay, starting from the left.. red tee man was watching Pirates of the Carribean with me :) blue tee guy was dsing and also watching p.o.c. black tee and purple tee were playing mario karts ROFL! x)) haha.. the person with the bestest tee was watching p.o.c. :D and the one with the pinkish whitish tee was pokemoning >.> LOL! we could all fit onto the sofa x) team asia ftww!

kk.. after that… egh -.-
i had a short cnye party with my family and ye.. went home, did stuff and went to sleep :)

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OKAY! :]

Sorry about the lack of posts ==’ you see.. I only blog when I’m supadupa bored or when I want to blog about some event… but yeah? So hang in there o_o for there will be more posts coming up :]

(: super delilah

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megan’s house :)

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hellooo :]
it’s been hella ages since i last updated my blog. probs because i’ve been SO STACKED with studying and holiday hw shiz ._. ai yaya.

well anyways, yesterday there was a team asia gathering at megan’s place :O cept deng couldn’t make it :[ coz he was in sydney AND I ENVY WHERE MEGAN LIVES!! she lives near like southland and dfo ._. lucky hobo.
so when i got to megan’s house, we played ps2 ~w~ forgot what the game was called and laterwards megan’s dad drove us to pizza hut and we bought 3 boxes of pizza *drroools, well obviously we weren’t going to eat the WHOLE 3 boxes to ourselves :] hahahaha, me and megan were eating pizza on the car on the way back home :D btwbtw, when we came back home; henry was already there so we all ate pizza together, we were only waiting on one more person.. *drum rolls, DONG! anyways, while we were eating pizza we epic loled like 5 kagallion times? i choked on my coke like around 10 times -_- literally..
afterwards we went into megan’s backyard and stalked her pet chickens :] they’re so plump! tehehehehe.

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we loled some more and then we went back in o_o to get ready to go outside to play BADMINTON! bad day to play badminton though… coz the wind was like WOOOOOOOSH! anyways, dong finally came and we all went down to the park and set up our ‘badminton court’ -_-

i swear… if any random people saw us (which they did) they would’ve seen 4 asian kids with badminton quips and a skipping rope as the net ==’ sighhh* but ah well.
fun is what we had :] but the wind was so damn annoying -_-
chyeeeah :} after that we went back and did more ps2ing and played iminlikewithj00 :] and yeah.. LOL
megan’s dad came into our room and asked
‘do you guys want to eat some watermelon’
i sooo got to re-in-act this out for ya :]
megan’s dad: do you guys want to eat some watermelon?
megan: laters dad, we’re ps2ing.
~10 mins later~
megan’s dad: do you guys want to eat some watermelon?
megan: laters dad, we’re playing games here.
~another 10 mins later~
megan’s dad: do you guys want to eat some watermelon?
megan: laters dad, we’re kinda busy atm.
~another 10 mins later~
megan’s dad enters the room
megan: i know what you’re going to ask dad, do you guys want to eat some watermelon? but we’re busy atm, so not now.
~another 10 mins later~
megan’s dad comes back in again…
megan: can you just bring the fruits inside the room, we ceebs going outside.
maaang, loop for life fowshow :]

well lots of lolsome stuff happened which i ceebs mentioning + it was one of those ‘you had to be there for the moment kinda things’ so yeah :]
the party ended at 1am and yeaaah!

happy new years :)

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will’s new years partay :)

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heyhey, happy new year ppl :)
im just gonna recap a bitt on my new yearss.
yeah well, i went to will’s house at around 6pm on nye… we waited till everybody came, which included of: megan, henry, anthony, xudong, jimmy, andy?  yep, after we finished eating… and i was like sooooo full! we all went down to the primary school next to will’s house and played bball :D haha… it was fun! anthony killed his fingers so he went back and dong and andy went back with him.
so me, megan, will, henry and jimmy were left… so we played knock out and around the world :)
it was so lololol.
ceebs going into deets though.
then we went to some playground and hanged around there… henry, will and jimmy were playing hardcore see-saw… no like srsly.. o_o too bad i didn’t take any photos to show you, but i might draw up something on paint later :) well yeah, after like 20 or so minutes… dong, andy and anthony came back out to join us.
chyeeeeah… well it was getting dark so we went back in.
and after that, we were being nerds 8) and played iminlikewithyou, well i did anyways? but the guys were playing like cs and stuff ==’
AND OMG finally…
yes well, after that we just continued with our hardcoring… bleh :P
i left to go home at around 2 am and yeahh… :)
sleep tight…

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asian parties…

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