Last post for the month :)

This will probably be the last blog post for a month or so, because I need to study for upcoming exams and shiz.
Ching chong ming mong fei long DIIMMM SIIIIM! Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Anyhoos, CHECK IT OUT LOL… It’s so geeky Image and video hosting by TinyPic but GANGSTAAAAAAAR!! Ahahaha, funny remix.

Funny webcam convo to top up my funny saturday :)
in* I didn’t cover my face because you can’t see it THAT properly anyway.


us lol-ing at something probably stupid

If you can’t read that, it says (which you probably won’t unless you’re cool, like me):
Megan: you look like Jesus
Me: WHY?
Megan: because of the lighting.

AHAHAHAHA, megan’s the king of cracks, bum cracks.

Today at ching chong school, me and Kitty were putting on “German” accents :O which, to us was like clearing your throat in every word.

well, you see that square shaped mark on my nose? Image and video hosting by TinyPic
guess what really happened?
a) Mali suggested that I was probably running around fell on a dice (get itttt? probabality of falling a on dice?) hahahahahaheh
b) I’m emo, and that’s my emo trademark
c) I was playing with dettol and band-aids

If you got c) then you’re CORRECT!
So what happened was, being the curious girl I am… One day I found dettol in the cupboard and I was like.. hey, dettol… Image and video hosting by TinyPic oh hey, there’s band-aids next to it, oh hey lets try putting some dettol on those band-aids and then stick the band-aid with dettol on it on my nose, just to see what will happen to my nose… Image and video hosting by TinyPic
well I guess I found the answer in the end Image and video hosting by TinyPic it burnt off my skin, and now it will take a few weeks to recover and I gotta apply vitamin E to it LOL. DUDE SHUTUP.
I WAS SIMPLY EXPERIMENTING AT A YOUNG AGE! Image and video hosting by TinyPic

So kids, school would never teach you this but; DETTOL DETTOL BURNS YOUR BRRAAAINS! oogaboogabooga. line borrowed from Lea, Rae and Karol :)

Good deed 1: I made Garry laugh :) He’s my one of the most montone kiddo’s I’ve ever come across, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love him :)
I’m Garry’s accounting senpai, LOL I sound Asian, well whatever.

So the other day we were sitting in accounting class and I was like;
wanna see my new earphones?
*takes them out*
but they kinda look like hearing aids.

and Garry started laughing at me/my earphones -_- you bitch. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

whatever trevor Image and video hosting by TinyPic ~ hearing aid shaped earphones are in this year in anyway.
Tina’s concious: You’re just saying that to make up for Garry shunning down your hearing aid shaped earphones, what a lozer.
Me: Image and video hosting by TinyPic



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Sleepover @ Megan’s.

Well, Megan and me wanted to plan a sleepover while we were having a webcam convo on msn and then Megan thought of the WEIRDEST idea to plan our sleepover.. which was to bring our Asian mum and let them discuss our sleepover plan through via staring a webcam conversation :O it was lol cuzz our mum’s were like.. “OMG IS THAT MEGAN’S MUM, IS THAT TINA’S MUM?!” Image and video hosting by TinyPic


So ye, well we eventually got the sleepover planned and I was coming over tonight.
I got to Megan’s house at around… 8pmish.. and we started playing OMGPOP and watched Ratatouille. I fell asleep during the movie, haha :) And slept all the way past… 9 next morning.

Oh ye, I had the weirdest dream… Kevin found a part time job helping a granny plant stuff… and I was in the Glen Shopping Centre and my school,, was situated IN it, I bitch slapped someone, there was a huge slide in the middle of the Glen .. and I made a conversation with some random.. o_o weird…

After we finished eating breakfast, we grabbed our badminton racquets and went to go play badminton. (well duhh badminton racquets.. badminton..? Image and video hosting by TinyPic) The Sun was beaming in my Asian eyes Image and video hosting by TinyPic, so I squinted my eyes even more which made me unable to see properly and so I practically got owned by Megan.

[Will insert badminton pix soon, :)]

We went back to her house to play Mario Kart and watch One Piece with random music in the background WHICH WAS LOL, cuz the lyrics matched up with the talking One Piece characters and it was SOOO FUNNY!!
Dammn, if there was a way I could show you guys :) but I can’t, so tough.

We ate egg rolls, which taste absolutely YUM-MY! Image and video hosting by TinyPic And I mastered the “two mouse clicking” skill by using my laptop mouse and usb plug mouse to play Insaniquarium :D haha, I totally skimmed through the game with two mouses.

I got picked up by my dad at 6ish, and on the way back home a funky Robbie Williams song was on the ra-di-ohh, with the BASS PUMPING AND YEAH! “I DON’T WANNNA ROCKKK DJJJ..” Image and video hosting by TinyPic
And I was tuning into the “Michael Jackson gossip” part of the radio and they were talking about how there was a black figure (ghost) in Michael Jackson’s Never land mansion.
Idk if it’s true or not, but here’s the vid.. that I really don’t wanna watch atm coz it’s dark already.
So here’s the link if you wanna watch the ghost vid;

Okay :) Well that’s my blog update for now.. Byee.

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Why hello :O! Well now the time is 9.30 am Sunday morning and tommorow’s the Queen’s bday! Photobucket meaning I can sleep late again which is good news for me! Photobucket I’m currently reading quotes, download One tree hill and Heroes season 2, watching One piece, blogging and listening to music, transferring my Heroes files to “Wurly” a friend of mine, what did you say? Was this multitasking at its best? And I’m wondering if I should watch Heroes season 2, coz from what others have said it sucked… and I don’t wanna get let down :( because I loved Heroes season 1! Ah well, might as well give it a go :D Oh yeeeah, I have never ever watched One tree hill before, but alot of good quotes come from that movie so… :D YAY! QUOTE SPREEEEEEEEEEE!

I haven’t blogged in helllllla ages! And by that I mean around… like a month ago? LOL!
Well this is the month of exams, which means mass pmsing and supadupa hardcore nerding D’: it’s quite painful to study so hard D:< your back starts aching and then your neck then your eyeballs Photobucket But this is when my nerd glasses come in handy! :D They make me feel nerdy :. I can absorb this nerdiness and embrace it! :D HELL YEAH! Photobucket
Hmm, back to what I was going to talk about :)
Today I made a new discovery! Well I peered inside a bucket full of rain water in my backyard and saw weird looking black worms doing backflips in the water, and at first I was like *rubs eyes* Photobucket wthhhh are these things? Well anyways, these worms look like they were break dancing :O no srsly, it loooooked SO.DAMN.AMAZING! Photobucket How they twirled around and stuff! Oh btw, since I was borrredd so I decided to mess around with those worms, well firstly, I stirred the water around with a stick that I found on the ground and they all twirled around in the bucket Photobucket which was quite boring, so I then held up the bucket up and shook it around Photobucket then looked inside the bucket.. it was really weird.. o_o those weird black worms were CLIMBING BACK UP THE BUCKET WALL TO GET TO THE SURFACE, AND THEY WERE STILL UNDERWATER ANDAND Photobucket WTHHH ARE THOSE THINGS!!??!  PhotobucketPhotobucket So then I decided to name my newly discovered speices the “Black ones” or for short, “Blackies” yes I know, it’s very original and NO, its not racist at all! Photobucket hmm, well I decided to breed these fellow wormies, so Imma check back on them tommorow or something :O or feed them to the birds Photobucket either way.

Oh yes, these past couple of days I grew this huge pimple right between my nose and mouth, which according to Quang is “very random” and well Photobucket recently I’ve been noticing that people haven’t been talking to me, they’ve BEEN TALKING TO MY PIMPLE. They’re like “Hi Tina!” And I reply “My face is up here” Photobucket It’s just like when you get a new haircut, people look at your hair and talk to the hair, not you!

It’s been cold these couple of weeks.. reaallly cold! So recently I’ve been camping around heaters. I take my pillow and blanket and laptop and set up like a mini humble abode around the heater Photobucket it’s nice and warm! :D But I get told off and kicked away from the warmest heater in da house :( gaaaay.


And you know what? I’ve mentioned this before but.. I go to chink school every week right? And there’s this HUGE hill that you have to climb up to get to the school, which is situated right on top of the big hill Photobucket IT’S LIKE A FREAKING QUEST TO FREAKING GET UP TO CHINK SCHOOL AND ITS SO FREAKING TIRING… People in the passing cars probs be thinking “poor child.. Photobucket” Well this is what I think; chinese school doesn’t want you unless you can concur that big hill that leads up to it. Bloody hell -_- I liked our first campus better.


I contradict myself on a daily basis… which apparently is unco on “Gunz forums” says Jason, as noobs tend to contradict themselves.
Well, recently.. I decided to sign up on Gunz forums to see what all the fuss is about.. :) Well yes, and now I’m currently thinking of a “name that will help you win arguments” as quoted by Jason, and I CANNOT THINK OF ANY NAME THAT WOULD HELP YOU WIN ARGUMENTS D:! cept, supertina, isteponants, tamada and iliketocamparoundheaters, so ye. Once I think of a 1337 username I can get started with all the online rage shizz :) and maybe try bring out some peace along the forums.


Ahh.. These few weeks, my rents have decided to go on a house hunt :O in search of a perfect house! :) And well a few weeks ago, we went to check out this house on some random street… and then while we were driving along the street, I saw a glenny kid from my year lvl walking along the street D: I KNEW THIS KIDDDDDDDDDD…!! I will not mention his name for reasons, anyways, my parents started checking the map and suddenly decreased speed… so our car was literally slowing down next to him, and so he looked inside the car and I ducked for my life D: DUCK AND COVERRRRRRR!!! Photobucket SRSLY.. WTH WERE MY RENTS THINKING!?!?!? D:<<< anyways, turns out he lives on that street of the house we were checking out.. the house sucked so much, it reeked of smoke (I hate HATE HATE HATE smoke) and it was just overall a gay house, but there was a park nearby, which was pretty awesome :)

Well, a few days ago we went to go check this REALLY big house in Glennny, it had a helllla alot of small bedrooms. I told my parents that i’d be better if they just had 2-3 really big bedrooms rather then 7 small bedroooms.. :) Well yeeah, recently I’ve been surfing the internet (h) it search of “T3H BEDROOMZ” and well here’s what I found :O These rooms are pretty damn awesome, srsslly :)

1yellow-495x370lovelovelovelovelovee! gottttaloveee!

4maps-495x371They need to replace the chair with a cushiony one and perhaps get a better table too.

5uni-495x275The clock :O and a gooood view too, cept I’ve heard alot of horror stories about living in forests or deserted areas and having big windows :S

9-495x299Cr8ive may I add? :O Crowded but I likey :)

71-495x396Too bad I sleep in my study area anyway. *GRABS MAC AND RUNS*

castles (47)Mali: totally, a castle in someone’s bedroom.

happy-kids-bedroom-554x410I don’t get why beds have to have wheels.




leonardo-kids-bedroom-554x410Not so pretty, but it looks pro.


zalf-kids-bedroom-1My stomach just growled, I’m so hungreeey :(

zalf-kids-bedroomChange the carpet.


Yup, that’s all :) You might witness live blogging sometime today :O LOL! Cozzzzz Team Asia’s coming over tonighttt ~w~ and will be staying pretty late coz it’s a long week (L) YEEEAH! For now! Byebye! Imma go watch some One piece 8)

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A good week :)


20/04 My birthday!
Today was my birthday and the first day of Term 2. LOL… FAIL CLASH.
Not saying there’s anything wrong with school anyway :P Just I would have to be giving up my beauty sleep to wake up early for school :( BUT IT’S A SACRAFICE I’M WILLING TO MAKE.. to meet my homays and learn new things! :D

I wanna throw a great big thankyou out to all the birthday wishes and presents! x) and a special thanks to Lea’s cupcakes! :D those delishuth drops of heavan, Mich’s bday cake :P, my lovely crew’s bday party/present x))) and the rest.

Hehe, today was a happychappy dayy :):):) Happy birthdaaay to me.. man, that song was stuck in my head for the whole day.

When I got home, my parents gave me an ipod alarm clock radio thing, it looks pretty dashy ;D… kinda wanna marry it LOL, srsly.. guys, it’s such a good looking.. okay I’ll just shutup now.

21/04 Athletics day
I felt terribly sick tday, my back/legs/arms/wrists (and NO, I am NOT emo, I’m perfectly happy), throat, face, eyeballs hurt like crap.
Tday we had aths, so the pain just worsended things ==’

Well when we arrived at Aths… all we did was.. well what I mainly did was sit around and play cards. LOL.
Jason was playing Yu-gi-oh with the cards? Smart? I don’t think so :) Especially when he summons a blue eye dragon FACE DOWN WHEN HE ALREADY MENTIONED WHAT MONSTER IT WAS.
Lol. Btw guys, there won’t be much emoticons for now cuz I got a new laptop ;D so the emotes will just have to wait..
Later on, I sandwiched between Reuben, Benson, Fred and Jeremy and we just sat there and listened to our ipods and ye :)

Kitty and Charz were afk ==’ LOL.. afk as in, they were doing events unlike me.. :D BUT
THERE WAS A RELAY! And I went and ran.. our team consisted of: Lea, me, Charz and Kitty. Our relay team won :D and I’m proud.

Afterwards, I went home and slept.. too tired and sick to be bothered to do anything else.

25/04 Birthday party (Team Asia only)
Today, was my birthday party, Team Asia was invited + 2 others.
Megan came to my house @2.30
Henry @3.00
Deng and Dong + 2 others CAME LATE. D:<<<< cuz there was a movie starting at 3.30 (Gran Torino).

Lol ^ the theatres.. Megan’s pro photography eh? and why’s there only old ladies in this photo? o_o

When they finally came, we all ran to Waverley Cinemas (yesyes, very cheap movies there) and watched Gran Torino :O It’s a funny movie :P (although I don’t really think it’s supposed to be…)

Aw… You know what? When we enterered the cinemas, everybody was staring at us.. WELL SOLLAYZ! JUST COZ WE WERE THE ONLY ASIANS IN THE CINEMAS! + 2 halfies, wahhdamahyo.. All the rest of  the people in the cinemas were white GANGDAHZ and white old people, but srsly.. our Asian crew just marched into some white territory and took up almost a whole row of seats. heehee :) Asian pride homies! msgplus_img5560

When we came back to my house after the movie, we played Jam Legend aka Guitar Hero. AND I SUCK… AHHHH T___T I NEVER EVER GET ANY MORE THAN 7 STREAKS… SRSLY… I’M LIKE CURSED D:<<<<<<

Later on, we watched Bloody Mary on Supernatural.. IT’S SO RING STYLE! HOW SHE CRAWLS OUTTA THE MIRROR!!!

We ate pizza and a bowl of cabbage ==’ Ate bday cake, I made a bday speech :) cut the cake and got my brand new Hp vista laptop :O AHHH… IMMA HUG IT TO SLEEP EVERYNIGHT :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! (L)

l_371b5f7f63114669a7904a7378831da7dMe hugging my laptop :O

Lol! At 9ish, Megan and me went into the bathroom and styled Henry’s hair :D… Go see yourself:


I lol, cuz it looks like a unicorn xD


The final product ^ LOL.. I’M LITERALLY LOL-ing at his right now.

Oh ye, thanks Team Asia + 2 others who gave me prezzies :) and guess what..? My Megan > guy friends > yours, cuz they wrote me cards :)

So ye, goodnight people :)) that’s my life for now.

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Ahhh… :)

For the past couple of days I have been out and eating SO MUCH, that I’ve began my journey as a true fatty msgplus_img0679 Let me tell you.


I went to Charm’s house allll by myself and I was freaking out so freaking much because she lives farfar away D: and I took transport alllll by myself to her house.
I took a train then bus then ye, YEAH :D GO ME!
We ddred, singstarred and ate chips and drank lemon juice msgplus_img0926 then later on I had to leave because I was going to eat Dinner at Springvale.
We ate at some Asian (duhh) restraunt (can’t spell, shutup) that had yuummmmy as fooooodles ! YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM and ye, after that, went home, slept.


Megan hosted a Team Asia gathering.. wait..
I will show you what she typed out in her invitation.
Me: when’s the gathering?
Megan: this friday, jesus’s death day

To all the relgious people: I give you permission to sit on her.
Anyways, we ate chips, drank coke, ate chicken nuggets, easter eggs and cucumbers.msgplus_img0926
Trust me, fatties also eat healthy stuff
Anyways, Team Asia consists of 7 people – Me, Megan, Henry, Deng and Dong, Derek and Mandy.
Only 5 could make it to the gathering though because.. the other 2 members live in Sydney?
Yes well, WE HAD A GREAT TIME :D Lots of laughs and yes, I would share some inside jokes that we haddd but I don’t think you guys would find it funny xD infact I don’t think you guys will even get it, but I’m still going to share them here, because I’d like to.


yesyes, we were camwhoring in the dark again :)

RECAP (Only Megan will get this)

– Megan’s eff you manga
– Megan’s animal cruelty, by hanging animals off her ceiling
– LOL, wheeling away people for dinner
– Flashing spoils in One Piece

We went home at like 1am next morning.. and died in bed, well I did, not sure about the others.


Today Kitty hosted a cooking party, where people had to bring their own food to her house and we’d have a feast :D
Mali, Sir Boggles, Liang, Martin, Robin, Kitty (herself), me (myself) and Kitty’s bro were feasting :D
We made cookies and fairy bread msgplus_img0926
and later on we ate chicken, dumplings, pasta, lasagna, starburst, some chilli thing and cookies and fairy bread. msgplus_img0926
So much food! So less time.
After that we Mario Karted on Wii :D WHICH WAS FUN FUN FUN!
Played Stepmania.
Kitty’s pet cat kept going onto my bag and doing random things to it -_- so every now and then I had to check back to see if my bag was safe.
Anyways, at 9 pm… we all went outside in the dark, in Kitty’s front yard, sat in a circle and told scary stories :D With like a candle in the middle and food layed out and stuff.
We didn’t tell many scary stories coz majority of the people freaked out before that msgplus_img05961 So we just sat there and talked for like the rest of the night msgplus_img09261
It was fun ! It really was.
Then we went back in Wii-ed.
Yup, that’s it :D


Today Deng invited Team Asia to have a party at Cue park :D
Everybody met up at around 1 pm.
We all went down to this weird field and started playing badminton. Well not everybody started playing badminton, since it’s a two player game.
Later on, we went back and ate BBQ, which consisted of sausages, pasta, coke and other food msgplus_img0926 that I ceebies remembering.
After we finished digging into our FOOOOD :D! We all went down to the field again and sat down in some shady area and played truth or dare! It was fun x) Well Megan partypooped the game coz she wouldn’t do her dare msgplus_img0882 so we just sat down and started talking.
After the bbq, we all crashed at Deng’s house.
Played comp games LOL, yessir! We’re nerds 8)
We ate pizza, icecream, mints, candy and grapes. msgplus_img0926
OH YES! WE WATCHED SUPERNATURAL; some ep about a scarecrow, IT WAS SO NOT SCARY! Mainly because every time it was beginning to get scary I would play “Cowboy – Jay chou” or whatever the name of the song is, which gave Supernatural a kinda.. corny feeeel.
Yup, I had a gooood time :D!
and we all went home after 12, because tomorrow would be a holiday anyway? Ahh.. I love the holidays.
Here’s the Jaychou vid if you were curious :)

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Saturday :O


Okay so I had chinese school on Saturday, like every other week.

It was raining heaps at recess, so me, Sir Boggles and Mich decided to dance in the rain! :D ye corny I know, but it was fun. Got wet as, felt good :D I FEEEL GOOD.. NANANANANA msgplus_img0501
Back in Chinese class, Esther and me were ripping up school magazines and using them as ammo for our mini-sized catapults.
Here was our scoring system :) 10 points for the head, 20 poiints for the face, 100 points for in the ear and 5 for the rest of the body.
I couldn’t aim, so I didn’t bother trying.
Esther was super pro o_o she used a hairtie and got heaps of headshots,  DW LA. The people she was aiming at were her friends, so it wasn’t bullying or anything.
When I released the paper, it did a banana turn and almost hit the teacher
Luckily, the teacher didn’t notice msgplus_img08081
Oh ye, I got good for my chinese sac :) so that made my day!

After chinese school, my rents picked me up and we drove to Lillydale.. which is like, an hour away from here. We went there to go and visit our family friend homies.
Oh yes, their house got burnt during the bushfire.. not their WHOLE house, but parts of it. They survived :)
I took some pics… bare the tradgedy D:


1st picture ^ backyard..
2nd picture ^ the white cloth is a substitute for the window coz the window exploded when the fire hit.. o_o so byebye window and you can see the marks that the fire made on the ceiling :/ creepy.

So yup, enough blogging for today :) tata.

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Another long weekend :)

Mind the boringiness pl0x.
(Glossary for internet terms will be updated later on this week)

since we had labour day on Monday, we aussies had a long weekend! :)
& here’s my recap of my long weekend!

Firstly, I had to go to chinese school on Saturday; like every other Asian kiddo. But later on in the evening, my friend Emma came over :O and we just bummed around, ate and watched I’m not Stupid 2 (it’s an asian movie) :) she’s un-asian though, she’s a smexyy white kid :) but! she understood the movie :) haha. Well ye, then she left to go home :( So there’s my Saturday.

Secondly, it was Amali’s birthday on SUNDAY!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD Me and Ruthiepoop met in the Glen to get a refund or something (that I ceebies explaining in deets), after that we went over to Mali’s house.
Anyways, Mali opened her present.. *DENDENDENDENNNN* A IPOD CHROMATIC! :)) Alotta people chipped in for it btw.
We played singstar for like an hr, talked and ate yummy foodles :)
LEA’S CUPCAKES WERE DELISHUTH x) so was the pasta, no jokes.


^ Lea’s cupcakes :O, btw, photo stolen off Charm :)

I had to leave an hour early, so I didn’t get to eat dinner with the rest of the party x((( but I had another party coming up at my house straight after.. soo ==’

When I got home, Team Asia started gathering :O btw, Team Asia consists of me ^^, Megan, Henry, Deng and Dong and some others :) that could not make it for obvious reasons that I REALLY CEEBIES EXPLAINING.

So ye, once everybody gathered, we ate stuff (pizza) then went outside.
We went to like this field thing, it’s like
a hill.. but a grassy hill kinda field.
It was around 8pmish something already, so the sun was setting pretty quickly.
We sat in a circle in the the middle of the field and talked for ages x) and it was so LOL, oh ye, here was one thing that I kind of remember.
So Henry and Deng were running away from us.
Me, Megan and Dong were just sitting in the middle of the field and Dong was like.
Dong: Lol.. they’re running into the sunset together.
Megan: Oh knoes, Deng just knocked Henry over.
Henry was standing up, and the moon was behind him and the glow around the moon made Henry look like he had a halo.. you know, like godly like? ROFL. LAMMEEE
ANDD -_-
We were like, in a pretty, nature-ishh place and chillaxing ye? Then Dong just takes out his psp and starts playing Mario.. x__x

Okay anyways, so it was getting really dark now, and it was so scarily cool :O! So what we did was we all united and held hands and made our way back home.
dw, we weren’t ACTUALLY holding hands like homos.
we encountered a few weirdos hanging out on the streets and yep :)
I was tugging on peoples sleeves, and I think I probs left like stretch marks on Dong’s sleeve coz I WAS SO SCARED! AND TUGGING ON SO HARD.

When we got home, we watched the first 3 eps of Supernatural :O
Megan was making us even more scared, coz she was making unnecassary noises that scared the heck out of me.


^ Here’s us watching Supernatural, IN.THE.DARK :O well not rly, we struck a pose for these photos ;D
BAHAHA! We took a really corny country music song and put it as the background music for one of the eps and it was SO LOL! Like a cheesy parody x) hahaha.
Well the party ended at 1 am in the morning and after that we all went backk to our little beds and nodded off to the land of pixiess and fairies.

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SUCCESS! and a little more :P


and tday, me and my friend accomplished something super massive! We raised more than 200 dollars within a week or more :P for something very special! Something SOSOSO special, that you would have to wait and see in my next blog :O

haha :] don’t worry, I’m not joking, so you better check back soon to fine out what the SOSOSOSOSO special thing is :)


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long weeeeekn.

kayy, had a really good weekend :]
henry had his bday party near yarra we went boat rowing and we had a bbq and yeah :D pretty fun!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
okay so next day, had a party at xavier/danny’s house somewhere in lilydale, lillydale? and we did pretty much watch movies, go outside and play soccer/catch, yeah like country homos, but it was fun okay? -.- it was frkn hawwt so we went back in and ate and yum :) check my facebook for more pics taken on that day.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

ROFLS, thats us being bored in lilydale ^. Okay, starting from the left.. red tee man was watching Pirates of the Carribean with me :) blue tee guy was dsing and also watching p.o.c. black tee and purple tee were playing mario karts ROFL! x)) haha.. the person with the bestest tee was watching p.o.c. :D and the one with the pinkish whitish tee was pokemoning >.> LOL! we could all fit onto the sofa x) team asia ftww!

kk.. after that… egh -.-
i had a short cnye party with my family and ye.. went home, did stuff and went to sleep :)

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megan’s house :)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

hellooo :]
it’s been hella ages since i last updated my blog. probs because i’ve been SO STACKED with studying and holiday hw shiz ._. ai yaya.

well anyways, yesterday there was a team asia gathering at megan’s place :O cept deng couldn’t make it :[ coz he was in sydney AND I ENVY WHERE MEGAN LIVES!! she lives near like southland and dfo ._. lucky hobo.
so when i got to megan’s house, we played ps2 ~w~ forgot what the game was called and laterwards megan’s dad drove us to pizza hut and we bought 3 boxes of pizza *drroools, well obviously we weren’t going to eat the WHOLE 3 boxes to ourselves :] hahahaha, me and megan were eating pizza on the car on the way back home :D btwbtw, when we came back home; henry was already there so we all ate pizza together, we were only waiting on one more person.. *drum rolls, DONG! anyways, while we were eating pizza we epic loled like 5 kagallion times? i choked on my coke like around 10 times -_- literally..
afterwards we went into megan’s backyard and stalked her pet chickens :] they’re so plump! tehehehehe.

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we loled some more and then we went back in o_o to get ready to go outside to play BADMINTON! bad day to play badminton though… coz the wind was like WOOOOOOOSH! anyways, dong finally came and we all went down to the park and set up our ‘badminton court’ -_-

i swear… if any random people saw us (which they did) they would’ve seen 4 asian kids with badminton quips and a skipping rope as the net ==’ sighhh* but ah well.
fun is what we had :] but the wind was so damn annoying -_-
chyeeeah :} after that we went back and did more ps2ing and played iminlikewithj00 :] and yeah.. LOL
megan’s dad came into our room and asked
‘do you guys want to eat some watermelon’
i sooo got to re-in-act this out for ya :]
megan’s dad: do you guys want to eat some watermelon?
megan: laters dad, we’re ps2ing.
~10 mins later~
megan’s dad: do you guys want to eat some watermelon?
megan: laters dad, we’re playing games here.
~another 10 mins later~
megan’s dad: do you guys want to eat some watermelon?
megan: laters dad, we’re kinda busy atm.
~another 10 mins later~
megan’s dad enters the room
megan: i know what you’re going to ask dad, do you guys want to eat some watermelon? but we’re busy atm, so not now.
~another 10 mins later~
megan’s dad comes back in again…
megan: can you just bring the fruits inside the room, we ceebs going outside.
maaang, loop for life fowshow :]

well lots of lolsome stuff happened which i ceebs mentioning + it was one of those ‘you had to be there for the moment kinda things’ so yeah :]
the party ended at 1am and yeaaah!

happy new years :)

January 11, 2009. Out of school events. Leave a comment.

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