A good week :)


20/04 My birthday!
Today was my birthday and the first day of Term 2. LOL… FAIL CLASH.
Not saying there’s anything wrong with school anyway :P Just I would have to be giving up my beauty sleep to wake up early for school :( BUT IT’S A SACRAFICE I’M WILLING TO MAKE.. to meet my homays and learn new things! :D

I wanna throw a great big thankyou out to all the birthday wishes and presents! x) and a special thanks to Lea’s cupcakes! :D those delishuth drops of heavan, Mich’s bday cake :P, my lovely crew’s bday party/present x))) and the rest.

Hehe, today was a happychappy dayy :):):) Happy birthdaaay to me.. man, that song was stuck in my head for the whole day.

When I got home, my parents gave me an ipod alarm clock radio thing, it looks pretty dashy ;D… kinda wanna marry it LOL, srsly.. guys, it’s such a good looking.. okay I’ll just shutup now.

21/04 Athletics day
I felt terribly sick tday, my back/legs/arms/wrists (and NO, I am NOT emo, I’m perfectly happy), throat, face, eyeballs hurt like crap.
Tday we had aths, so the pain just worsended things ==’

Well when we arrived at Aths… all we did was.. well what I mainly did was sit around and play cards. LOL.
Jason was playing Yu-gi-oh with the cards? Smart? I don’t think so :) Especially when he summons a blue eye dragon FACE DOWN WHEN HE ALREADY MENTIONED WHAT MONSTER IT WAS.
Lol. Btw guys, there won’t be much emoticons for now cuz I got a new laptop ;D so the emotes will just have to wait..
Later on, I sandwiched between Reuben, Benson, Fred and Jeremy and we just sat there and listened to our ipods and ye :)

Kitty and Charz were afk ==’ LOL.. afk as in, they were doing events unlike me.. :D BUT
THERE WAS A RELAY! And I went and ran.. our team consisted of: Lea, me, Charz and Kitty. Our relay team won :D and I’m proud.

Afterwards, I went home and slept.. too tired and sick to be bothered to do anything else.

25/04 Birthday party (Team Asia only)
Today, was my birthday party, Team Asia was invited + 2 others.
Megan came to my house @2.30
Henry @3.00
Deng and Dong + 2 others CAME LATE. D:<<<< cuz there was a movie starting at 3.30 (Gran Torino).

Lol ^ the theatres.. Megan’s pro photography eh? and why’s there only old ladies in this photo? o_o

When they finally came, we all ran to Waverley Cinemas (yesyes, very cheap movies there) and watched Gran Torino :O It’s a funny movie :P (although I don’t really think it’s supposed to be…)

Aw… You know what? When we enterered the cinemas, everybody was staring at us.. WELL SOLLAYZ! JUST COZ WE WERE THE ONLY ASIANS IN THE CINEMAS! + 2 halfies, wahhdamahyo.. All the rest of  the people in the cinemas were white GANGDAHZ and white old people, but srsly.. our Asian crew just marched into some white territory and took up almost a whole row of seats. heehee :) Asian pride homies! msgplus_img5560

When we came back to my house after the movie, we played Jam Legend aka Guitar Hero. AND I SUCK… AHHHH T___T I NEVER EVER GET ANY MORE THAN 7 STREAKS… SRSLY… I’M LIKE CURSED D:<<<<<<

Later on, we watched Bloody Mary on Supernatural.. IT’S SO RING STYLE! HOW SHE CRAWLS OUTTA THE MIRROR!!!

We ate pizza and a bowl of cabbage ==’ Ate bday cake, I made a bday speech :) cut the cake and got my brand new Hp vista laptop :O AHHH… IMMA HUG IT TO SLEEP EVERYNIGHT :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! (L)

l_371b5f7f63114669a7904a7378831da7dMe hugging my laptop :O

Lol! At 9ish, Megan and me went into the bathroom and styled Henry’s hair :D… Go see yourself:


I lol, cuz it looks like a unicorn xD


The final product ^ LOL.. I’M LITERALLY LOL-ing at his right now.

Oh ye, thanks Team Asia + 2 others who gave me prezzies :) and guess what..? My Megan > guy friends > yours, cuz they wrote me cards :)

So ye, goodnight people :)) that’s my life for now.


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Monster vs Aliens in 3d :D!

Yesterday me and my friend Yana went to go watch Monsters vs Aliens in 3d!

IT WAS SO FREAKING COOL! Some parts look really realll!

There was this part where some guy vomits on you.. and it looked so real ==’

And.. Jonah Brothers Concert in 3d looks awesome :O!

OH YE! There was a heap of lol stuff in the movie x) like when the president plays the crazy frog song on the keyboard hahahaha! and the part where the professor starts ddring was LOL too, yup :3

Before the movie started.. we went to Safeway to buy some chips and juice packs for the movie! :) Since we’re smart and know that food at the movies are expensive!

After the movie, we went and looked around the arcade.. the arcade got moved upstairs btw.. awww.. no more Intencity T_T
AND.. WE DECIDED TO PLAY DDR! And you know what..? I don’t regret playing it either.. because firstly.. WE PLAYED IT FOR FREE! Because the previuos person who played forgot there was another round and ye :) hehehehehehe. Secondly, its coz it was fun xD? Although I looked so unco coz I kept missing -_- but I PASSED! So all’s good.

^ Me ddring :) ye shutup, I know I look unco.

Laters we went to eat some cones, then went around trying to find Yana a blow dryer and beanie -_- hehe :) I SAW SILVIA AT THE GLEN!!


And yup, thats it :)

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Ahhh… :)

For the past couple of days I have been out and eating SO MUCH, that I’ve began my journey as a true fatty msgplus_img0679 Let me tell you.


I went to Charm’s house allll by myself and I was freaking out so freaking much because she lives farfar away D: and I took transport alllll by myself to her house.
I took a train then bus then ye, YEAH :D GO ME!
We ddred, singstarred and ate chips and drank lemon juice msgplus_img0926 then later on I had to leave because I was going to eat Dinner at Springvale.
We ate at some Asian (duhh) restraunt (can’t spell, shutup) that had yuummmmy as fooooodles ! YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM and ye, after that, went home, slept.


Megan hosted a Team Asia gathering.. wait..
I will show you what she typed out in her invitation.
Me: when’s the gathering?
Megan: this friday, jesus’s death day

To all the relgious people: I give you permission to sit on her.
Anyways, we ate chips, drank coke, ate chicken nuggets, easter eggs and cucumbers.msgplus_img0926
Trust me, fatties also eat healthy stuff
Anyways, Team Asia consists of 7 people – Me, Megan, Henry, Deng and Dong, Derek and Mandy.
Only 5 could make it to the gathering though because.. the other 2 members live in Sydney?
Yes well, WE HAD A GREAT TIME :D Lots of laughs and yes, I would share some inside jokes that we haddd but I don’t think you guys would find it funny xD infact I don’t think you guys will even get it, but I’m still going to share them here, because I’d like to.


yesyes, we were camwhoring in the dark again :)

RECAP (Only Megan will get this)

– Megan’s eff you manga
– Megan’s animal cruelty, by hanging animals off her ceiling
– LOL, wheeling away people for dinner
– Flashing spoils in One Piece

We went home at like 1am next morning.. and died in bed, well I did, not sure about the others.


Today Kitty hosted a cooking party, where people had to bring their own food to her house and we’d have a feast :D
Mali, Sir Boggles, Liang, Martin, Robin, Kitty (herself), me (myself) and Kitty’s bro were feasting :D
We made cookies and fairy bread msgplus_img0926
and later on we ate chicken, dumplings, pasta, lasagna, starburst, some chilli thing and cookies and fairy bread. msgplus_img0926
So much food! So less time.
After that we Mario Karted on Wii :D WHICH WAS FUN FUN FUN!
Played Stepmania.
Kitty’s pet cat kept going onto my bag and doing random things to it -_- so every now and then I had to check back to see if my bag was safe.
Anyways, at 9 pm… we all went outside in the dark, in Kitty’s front yard, sat in a circle and told scary stories :D With like a candle in the middle and food layed out and stuff.
We didn’t tell many scary stories coz majority of the people freaked out before that msgplus_img05961 So we just sat there and talked for like the rest of the night msgplus_img09261
It was fun ! It really was.
Then we went back in Wii-ed.
Yup, that’s it :D


Today Deng invited Team Asia to have a party at Cue park :D
Everybody met up at around 1 pm.
We all went down to this weird field and started playing badminton. Well not everybody started playing badminton, since it’s a two player game.
Later on, we went back and ate BBQ, which consisted of sausages, pasta, coke and other food msgplus_img0926 that I ceebies remembering.
After we finished digging into our FOOOOD :D! We all went down to the field again and sat down in some shady area and played truth or dare! It was fun x) Well Megan partypooped the game coz she wouldn’t do her dare msgplus_img0882 so we just sat down and started talking.
After the bbq, we all crashed at Deng’s house.
Played comp games LOL, yessir! We’re nerds 8)
We ate pizza, icecream, mints, candy and grapes. msgplus_img0926
OH YES! WE WATCHED SUPERNATURAL; some ep about a scarecrow, IT WAS SO NOT SCARY! Mainly because every time it was beginning to get scary I would play “Cowboy – Jay chou” or whatever the name of the song is, which gave Supernatural a kinda.. corny feeeel.
Yup, I had a gooood time :D!
and we all went home after 12, because tomorrow would be a holiday anyway? Ahh.. I love the holidays.
Here’s the Jaychou vid if you were curious :)

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I had PE first period this morning, and we were playing basketball :) Let me re-cap on what happened.
– Mali’s dribbling the ball –
– Mali passes ball to me –
And I literally start R O F Ling, yes and still holding the basketball :) so I got penalised ==’ pfft.

Oh ye and HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAE msgplus_img0575!

ARRGH… I had an accounting test today, I actually did quite okay, i think.. WELL HOPEFULLY! It was a double period, so for the 2nd accounting period, we just messed around :P

Today was probably one of the RAINEST and thunderiest day this WHOLE TERM! Me, Ruth and Charm T all stood in the rain and got drenched from head to toe :) it felt nice… in a way, but then I kinda regretted it later on, coz I was freezing my pants off! D:< BUT IT WAS SOOOO WORTH IT! :D THE MAGICCCAL FEEELING OF THE RAIIIN! msgplus_img8295

At lunch time, me and Mali were vsing Kitty and Sir Boggles in a ‘who can scare eachother the most’ duel :D So what we did was…
We were circling around the hall in opposite directions, but me and Mali got a plan :D we took a break near a station so we could prey on Kitty and Boggles when they came along :D
Then we hid in the mini caved in station right next to Kitty and Boggles’ station that they were hiding in (they didn’t know we were in the station next  to theirs).
Then me and Mali counted down
and RAN OUT OF OUR STATION, but we failed, because Kitty and Sir Boggles were out of their stations and looking in our direction
then we cracked up laughing :)
I suck at explaining, but you get my drift :)

AHH… LAST DAY OF SCHOOOL!! YEESS! LAST PERIOD WAS ENGLISH, all we did was play games :3 then the bell rang

Oh ye, I left my keys at home so I got locked outside :( So I headed off to Maccas which was just down my street and stayed there, ate, and studied, like all the pro adults do :D! – a sip of McCoffee, a newspaper and a laptop! :O

Well anyways, today was an AMAZING DAY! in many ways that I cannot type down nor explain :) in wayss that make my little heart thump with joy! :):):) hehe.

Time to goo! Byebye!

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