will’s new years partay :)

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heyhey, happy new year ppl :)
im just gonna recap a bitt on my new yearss.
yeah well, i went to will’s house at around 6pm on nye… we waited till everybody came, which included of: megan, henry, anthony, xudong, jimmy, andy?  yep, after we finished eating… and i was like sooooo full! we all went down to the primary school next to will’s house and played bball :D haha… it was fun! anthony killed his fingers so he went back and dong and andy went back with him.
so me, megan, will, henry and jimmy were left… so we played knock out and around the world :)
it was so lololol.
ceebs going into deets though.
then we went to some playground and hanged around there… henry, will and jimmy were playing hardcore see-saw… no like srsly.. o_o too bad i didn’t take any photos to show you, but i might draw up something on paint later :) well yeah, after like 20 or so minutes… dong, andy and anthony came back out to join us.
chyeeeeah… well it was getting dark so we went back in.
and after that, we were being nerds 8) and played iminlikewithyou, well i did anyways? but the guys were playing like cs and stuff ==’
AND OMG finally…
yes well, after that we just continued with our hardcoring… bleh :P
i left to go home at around 2 am and yeahh… :)
sleep tight…

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asian parties…

January 1, 2009. Out of school events.

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