long weeeeekn.

kayy, had a really good weekend :]
henry had his bday party near yarra we went boat rowing and we had a bbq and yeah :D pretty fun!

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okay so next day, had a party at xavier/danny’s house somewhere in lilydale, lillydale? and we did pretty much watch movies, go outside and play soccer/catch, yeah like country homos, but it was fun okay? -.- it was frkn hawwt so we went back in and ate and yum :) check my facebook for more pics taken on that day.

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ROFLS, thats us being bored in lilydale ^. Okay, starting from the left.. red tee man was watching Pirates of the Carribean with me :) blue tee guy was dsing and also watching p.o.c. black tee and purple tee were playing mario karts ROFL! x)) haha.. the person with the bestest tee was watching p.o.c. :D and the one with the pinkish whitish tee was pokemoning >.> LOL! we could all fit onto the sofa x) team asia ftww!

kk.. after that… egh -.-
i had a short cnye party with my family and ye.. went home, did stuff and went to sleep :)

January 25, 2009. Out of school events.


  1. あてき replied:

    haha :)
    um it was yarra glenn. =w=;
    to be EXACT.
    poor tina.

  2. みくる replied:

    i love you tina for those pictures (:

  3. みくる replied:

    lol @ henry;s grandma’s face!

  4. みくる replied:

    oh and btw. my shirt was grey not purple.
    colour blind `____`; LOLS

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