how gg?

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okay so, sorry megan.. i have nothing to blog about ==’

anyways, we just went to kevin’s house, played ping pong and watched rush hour 3 yeah.



now im blogging on your laptop on my bed, hoping the bed sheets won’t catch on fire or i’m dead o_o fried tina ftw!

and your on the top bunk reading manga and playing nintendo ds :) haha.


December 30, 2008. Out of school events. 1 comment.

First post :)

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Why hello tharrr.
I’m soooo bored atm.
And I really ceebs writing so formally so INTERNET LANGUAGE FTWWW!
yeah so anyways, holidays have been quite okay so far… for the first week or so i did literally nothing but sleep, eat and homework :( so lame…
oh yeah! on christmas eve i went to the city with friendss :) it was fun.

on Christmas day… i went to Shepparton and then went to henry’s house on the same day. SOOO EXHAUSSSTINGG, but soooo fun 8)
okay so a few days ago i went to dong’s house… and it was EPIC LOL, yeah well.. ceebs going into deets.
and tonight im going to friend’s house, and yadida.
and on new years… team asia’s going to will’s place :D well actually.. on new years eve
yeah well.. to wrap things up, happy early new year :) stay coool kids.

December 30, 2008. OTHERR :O. 1 comment.