Team Asia gathering on Saturday

Today Team Asia hosted a gathering at Xavier’s house all the way in Yarra Glen today. At around 8.45 am, Saturday morning. Henry and his mum came to pick me and my mum up to go there! But this time, we had an activity organised… we, Team Asians were going to be doing ARCHERY! LMAO. Well yes, on the way to the archery place (also the place where we were going to meet up with our asian homs), me and Henry were camwhoring in the backseat and watching me play Insaniquarium on my laptop.


We were first to arrive at the archery place, then Deng and Dong came in the same car, then Xavier and Danny came, Megan EVENTUALLY came after like… 20 mins -_- So we all went onto this grassy field place and got our bow and arrows and started shooting. I GOT ONE BULLSEYE :D and hahaha. I lol at Henry

S7302603Yarra Glen, from inside the car.


Henry’s epic fail at archery (green arrows)


Deng attempting to do the running man.

Close up on TeamAsia excluding Megan and Derk >.>

the parents and me and dong in the background, being noob.

IMG_0238^ :D that’s us!

Well it started raining which made the ground or muddy, but meh. After an hour of archery we went to Xavier’s house. At first, everybody was showing their “cwalk” and “shuffling” moves, just for show ;D (that includes Deng and henry) and then we all settled down and everybody crowded around my computer to watch the movie “Up” which I downloaded off T3H INT3RN3TZ. I watched it like 3 times already, so yes. We loled so much during the movie, well it is a good movie and I recommend it:) After that we ate pancakes, bread with chicken, icecream *drools* and we had apple juice. Then we went back and watched One Piece and camwhored quite a bit :D

watch the movie trailer here ^ :O




^ Da Crib, lol ==’

There’s waaay more, but we’re too cool to put them alllll up :)

We left at 3pm to go to crash at Dong’s house, when we got there.. we watched more One piece and played MARIO KART :DDDD AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! And ate dumplings :3 later at around… 9ishh we went into Dong’s backyard and bummed there for half an hour, and basically just dared eachother to go to creepy dark places.. then it got cold and we went back into the house. At 11ish we all got driven back home and nodded off to the world of pixies and fairies :)))

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