Sometimes I wonder WHY I bother to blog, I could use this spare time to go outside and skate for longer, or finish solving that really hard equation, or maybe even discover a new type of rice.
I guess it’s because I blog to get through my average teenage life… to share stuff around and yeah.. idk.

Sunday today.
Woke up at 9.30 to go on and use offpeak time to download Glee.
I failed.
Stupid Optus :( Can’t do crap with it.

Later on in the windy afternoon, I decided to go out and rollerblade (because I usually do that on Sundays anyways).

I had a epic fall.
I was going down this slope and since I was trying out how to brake on my skates…. I tried to brake while coming down the slope… well, my right leg swirved behind me super quickly and I did a 360 spin, making my whole body go like WHOOOOSH, and I fell on my ass (like last time) in the middle of the path way.

I bet so many people in the nearby houses saw me, because I bet chu it looked TOTALLY EPIC.
So I took this opportunity to lie down on the ground (still in the middle of the path), to try get my butt’s conscious back and to stop it from tingling due to numbness -_-
After a few seconds I wobbly stood back up, stuck a band-aid on my wrist (where I got scraped) and SPED OFF!
When I got home, I diluted some Dettol and cotton bud-ed it on my scraped wrist.
I diluted the Dettol because the last time I used Dettol at it’s full strength, it burnt my skin off… As mentioned in my previous posts.
Well yeah, my wrist is still stinging nowww T__T
Bah, but I don’t regret falling over, because to admit it… IT WAS THE MOST ACTION PACKED 3 SECONDS OF MY ENTIRE MORNING :O
Later on..
I got treated to a 2 dolla springvale bread my mum went to go buy :D
Oohhh yeahh babbyy, that springvale bread wants me baddd ;D

Life’s good to be asian (Y)


October 25, 2009. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. NAOMI replied:

    Obviously you blog for the sole reason of my viewing pleasure :) NOW BLOGGGGGGGGG! *epic cheer!*

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