Today’s Sunday, and I’m bored.

Hey hey everybody!
Life is gay and boring right now. Maybe due to the fact that end of the year exams are nearing and there’s a chem test, health test and MATHS test this week.
oh sigh.
But also because life has no action whatsoever :( no matter how corny this may sound, but if life was like One Piece or something, then that’d be awesome ;D
But back to reality, I highly doubt that can happen.
I also think I’ve changed a bit ever since I came back from China.
One thing’s my voice, according to Megan and Henry, my voice has gone “sweeter” -_- it was probably due to me inhaling the pollution in China 24/7 LOL.
Also, I think I’ve turned a bit more ignorant then usual, this is probably because I had to ignore beggers crawling around on the streets everyday… so yeah.
AND, I think my sense of humour has gone a bit weird too.
And also, everytime I get back home, I start studying till like 9 o’clock, then I go on the comp and take a break.
Like srsly… am I okay?

Well enough of boring you guys :) I will tell you about Chinese School yesterday.
It was my first day back at chink school and nothing changed really.
So in the morning – I was helping Jane with her Chinese homework and was using my dictionary to check up words for her.
Then the bell rang for class to start so I ran back to my own class.
Later on, the teacher told us we were having a massive chinese test this period… and then I was like
Holy shiz, I think I left my chinese dictionary in Jane’s class, AH SHIZ! AND I GOT ME TEST THIS PERIOD!!!
So I got permission from my teacher to run down to Jane’s class to collect my dictionary.
But oh my god, I was freaking TREMBLING.
So when I knocked on Jane’s classroom door, her teacher told me to come in, so I did.
And I was like
er, dui bu qi da rao.
Which means, sorry for interrupting.
wo ke yi ba wo de zi dian cong jane na hui lai ma?
which means, could I get my dictionary back from jane?
So I ran into the rows of desks and got my dictionary back from Jane, then ran back out.
I noticed eeeeeeverybody staring at me -__-
Which was very scary indeed.

I think I’m just gonna, you know, go back to sleep now.
I don’t think anything’s go well these days x(( life suuuuuuuucks.


October 17, 2009. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. Miyo replied:

    Life always sucks at the end of the year.
    I got effing load of piano exams coming up. D:
    Just think of Christmas holidays.. D:

    LOL, I hate how that happens! D:<
    People going like o.o at you.

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