Road accident.

I was rollerblading around my block on a typical windy Sunday evening today.
I was learning how to brake, mind you, I said brake not BREAK DANCE, anyways, I finally got the hang of breaking properly, even though I still kinda look awkward and need a bit more practising on it, because my foot keeps swivelling sideways which kills my feet like mad :/
On the way back home, I encountered a little weird slope and tripped over it. I landed on my ass and that constipated me for like around 10-15 seconds…  what I mean by constipated was… lying on the floor in pain. When I got up, my head felt all woozy.
So yeah, well now we know who’s going to have trouble going to the toilet for the rest of the week. >.> ta ma da.

When my dad got back home he handed me a new pair of yellow earphones (despite the fact that I already broke 2 earphones in a span of 2 weeks). They were yellow weird looking earphones… I mean, they have this weird hook thing that clings onto your ear… cuz this earphone’s like made for sports and stuff, so the hook prevents your earphones from falling off… it kinda makes me look like I’m wearing hearing aids…… but then it’s better than no earphones, amiritefellas? :D
And then my dad just HAD to make this rather semi racist comment…
“Well it’s yellow and it blends into your skin so it suits you.”
Gee thanks dad, the reason I’m yellow in the first place is because you made me this way.
Haha, I just squished a bug that was running around on my desk, :) time to wash my hands!

cept they’re yellow :)


August 31, 2009. Uncategorized.

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