Today is Sunday, which is my “oh, let’s go download lots of movies in the morning because my mum isn’t home and I have 24GB of un-used off-peak internet to use.
Well anyways, today I went to Melbourne Uni open day with Sir Boggles :) Haha, last week or so I went to RMIT with Karol + Lea :) Twas fun.
Ah yes, RMIT gave our free viet rice patty hats cuz they were promoting a campus in Vietnam.

Sir Boggles came to pick me up at around 9.20am while I was watching Madagascar 2 and eating noodles for breakfast. Sir Boggles goes to Sunday church so I tagged along with her and her family too :)
The church place was like an Asian church with an Asian preach and he had an Asian accent. Lol… when we sang hymns and stuff, I heard random Asian accents going around the church and it was lol.
Well the preach dude was interesting to listen to, because he was really enthusiastic and I mean REALLY enthusiastic.
I kept randomly saying amen where I thought they were meant to go, but no. After the ceremony, Sir Boggles dad sent us to the train station, so we could go to Melbourne uni ourselves.

What was funny was, while Sir Boggles, me and Sir Boggles dad were still in the car. Sir Boggles dad was like “somethingsomething is over there” *points in direction of something* and his finger jabbed into the windscreen LOL. Sir Boggles dad seems like the serious type of person, and to do that made me lol. Amen.

Our train got delayed for 7 mins -_- bloody hell. When the train finally came, the TRAIN WAS BLOODY CROWDED!!! We were literally in a mosh pit :/ and I was scared of getting body rubbed by all the people in the train carriage, egh. We got to Melbourne University and started exploring that place doooown ;D I got a few helium balloons and sucked the helium in, LOL.

OH YEAH, AND THERE WEREN’T ANY GOOD FREEBIES :) they were all just random food and bags. *sigh* But it’s not like we went there just for freebies…. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Well yeah, we walked around for like 2 or so hours, which was EXHAUSTING and it started to rain like mad after a while we got there, which was nice :) (no sarcasm), but then it my hair kinda went like BOOF, so meh.

Laters after going around Melbourne Uni, Sir Boggles and me decided to go back to Melbourne Central and pig out at the food court LOL. We were supposed to have a picnic, but the whole city was drained down by the rain + our crew + other homies couldn’t make it :) so yeah, LOL. So Pigging out is what we did. Sir Boggles baked muffins x) they tasted nice, LOL they were very racist though…

I brought home brand chips/biscuits, bread top and other food related crap to pig out on. We were pretty much stuffed and fattened by all da fooood.

After that we went to catch a train back home. On the way back home we were camwhoring – ROFL, we were being gay and bagging different poses e.g. GANGDAAAAH, tb and others. We were laughing so loud that everybody was looking at us weirdly :) but that’s the way we be rolling.
And yeah :/


Now I’m at some family friend gathering (boring) and blogging about this.

PS. About the lack of enthusiasm in this post… All the happy energy has been sucked away from me, but that doesn’t mean I’m not happy, it just means all the happy energy has been sucked away from me.

August 17, 2009. Uncategorized.

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  1. Miyo replied:

    BAHA :D

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