Our english classroom got trashed o_o

Our class was going to english class, and we were waiting outside our classroom… we were literally freezing our asses off :/ and I was wearing 2 jumpers :) one’s mine, the other one’s “hogan’s” ROFL.
Anyways, I decided to go inside the classroom before the teacher came because it was so damn cold and windy.
So I stepped into the classroom and I looked around the classroom and my first reaction was like… “Why the hell is everything so white and heaveny?
heaveny: adjective, heaven, but heaveny.
And then I walked into the classroom and the FLOOR WAS DUSTY WHITE, and my foot prints were so visible.
I looked around the whole classroom and there was like white dust floating everywhere.
A minute later.. our whole class came in and were all like “WTH LMAO??!”
Later on, we found out that some kids came in at lunch time and trashed the class by playing tigi with the fire extinguisher.

So yeah, haha.
That was my little “oh so dramatic” event of the day :)

August 7, 2009. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. Miyo replied:

    Holy shit.

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