I got to school in the morning and copied down my new school timetable in the Senior Centre where Rae and Jen and some other year 10-ers were chillin’, then we rushed to History class when the second bell rang :/ you see here.. how History teacher is hella scary! This was her on the first day:
Teacher: “If you don’t obey me I will summon something very evil..” Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Someone in my class: What is it?
Teacher: A bell!
Mel: Is it for you o like call your cats in for lunch or something?

I had fried rice for lunch today :D YAY! Image and video hosting by TinyPic and I was attempting to spoon feed Michael my fried rice by air dropping it into his mouth.
Attempt 1: Poured fried rice in his throat and he almost choked.
Attempt 2: Poured fried rice, and it landed nowhere near his face
Attempt 3: Poured fried rice on his chin.
Attempt 4: Poured fried rice on his nose.
Attempt 5: Poured fried rice INTO his MOUTH, SUCCESS!
Attempt 6: Poured fried rice on Michael’s face/side of his nose and it got stuck there and almost went up his nose (back to where were in the first place).

HAHAHAHA, that just proves something in life.. I can’t aim properly.

AWW MAAAN.. HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE COMES OUT TOMMOROW :( I SOOOO WANNA WATCH IT! But I can’t because I have some after school stuff that I need to attend T_T TA MA DA. damnyoudamnyoudamnyoudamnyoudamnyoudamnyou.

Oh ye! I so wanna watch Bruno :O it looked pretty damn hilarious in the trailer. Haha, me and Sir Boggles and Benson were in the super heated school library at lunch today because it was freezing outside and we stole some post cards from the library and sat down… We started talking about that part of the Bruno trailer where Bruno trades an ipod for an african kid and he’s in this tv show and calls his baby OJAY, and I was like… isn’t Ojay a type of face cream? Oh wait, that’s Olay and we all cracked up laughing xD Bahaha. OMG, I found out that I’ve been using ‘xD’ alot recently… I think I’m making my transition into a non-tb emoticon-er to a tb emoticon-er :O i’m hitting emoticon puberty everybody! Or as Megan would say a “late bloomer”. LOL.

I was on Msn just then… and then this guy I don’t talk to at school at all.. starts a convo with me :D it goes something like this >
Simon says:
*Image and video hosting by TinyPic
*yes little one?
Simon says:
*lol i clicked the wrong person sorry


AND, while I was studying with my study buddies after school… we came across this great debate on “teeny boppers” and what defines a teenybopper.
Derf and Kevin said that teenyboppers follow the latest trend, Lingling says teeny bopper’s like to attract attention by being loud and I say teenyboppers have dyed mullets :) So yes, I think a teeny bopper is a mix between all of these three?..

Uh huh, that’s my day for today :) Byebye.

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