ha-ha :)

Todaaay I went to work at Westfield again, but this time I got there a bit earlier to memorise all the different drinks + food pronunciations, for the benefit of me not getting all the orders mixed up and getting owned by the scary customers (which so far has not happened Image and video hosting by TinyPic)
So now, I learnt that…
– Short black drinks are black in color and are put into a small cone shaped cup
– Long black drinks are the same as short blacks just in a bigger tea cup.
– Baby cino’s are froth in a small-ish cup
– Cappacino’s have more froth floating around, comparing to the Latte and it also has chocolate on top of the froth and it’s always placed in a tea cup.
– Cafe Latte has froth on top, but no chocolate and it’s always placed in a glass cup.
– Flat white tea is white in colour and comes with a tray.
– To distinguish skinny/regular drinks, they put a napkin underneath the cup, if there’s a napkin underneath the cup, the drink contains skinny milk, if not.. then it’s regular.

Despite the fact that I spilt food on a customer the other day, my employer let me start waitressing again :) YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I also learnt how to hold 4 plates -_- plus two containers. Which makes me look super awkward. AND, I learnt how to hold drinks ”properly” when serving.. you need 3 fingers to support the tea plates.. and IT’S SO SCARY cuz the cup on the plate shakes and then I shake and D:::::: lol, my hands currently smell like coffee x)

On the bus back home, a boy and his Asian mum came on with the asian mum ranting at him like crazy.. “WHY YOU NOT BRING YOUR 10x ZONE 2 TICKET LA?” and I found that funny :)
Lol, other then that.. I was listening to my ipod, and the songs me and Megan used to put as background music for One Piece came up and I started giggling Image and video hosting by TinyPic out of nowhere and the people on the bus gave me strange looks, but oh no, they don’t know why I’m laughing, ohh no they don’t!


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