Amali + Deng’s house

I woke up at 11am today and ate breakfast, did some chinese homework and caught a bus to Amali’s house to do our health assignment. Amali’s house has a really steep hill in her front yard that leads to her house -_- no different to my Chinese School hill, but smaller. It’s like.. the chinese school hill’s mini me Image and video hosting by TinyPic but yes, it was tiring… getting up the hill to Amali’s front door but I made it.

When I got there, Kitty was already there :D I went in to the house and not long after Sir Boggles came :D then Charm came. At first we mucked around and played OMGPOP lmao -_- if you dunno what OMGPOP is, go to :) it’s T3H FUNN3ST SIT3 3V3R. I gged all my games :) but Charm and Kit were still noob and got gged by the other players. BAHHA.

Anyways. We split our health assignment up into parts, and took turns to do it while the rest of the people played on Amali’s eyetoy. We played… Kung foo :O in which I bummed the ninja’s with my ass and they all went FLYYINGG away. Amali’s skin was too dark for the eyetoy to detect her image, so she had to wear white socks on her hands for the eyetoy to detect her Image and video hosting by TinyPic.

Lols, we got bored so we got a mac and started camwhoring.. 65 pictures in total, wow.



Nice ass.






I wanted to take the pics off the mac so I took out my hard disk which I named “ni de ma ma” for random reasons. So Pedro (Amali’s bro, who was also the owner of the mac we were all camwhoring on), asks… what’s “ni de ma ma”, and I replied.. “It means your mum”, which is the actual definition. So then when I plugged in my hard disk, this screen came out on the mac and Pedro read it out…
“ni de mama can’t be modified.”

[What Tina is currently seeing] Wow, for a second I looked at the green squiggly line that Word does to your text when you don’t punctuate correctly, and it looked blue.. then if I lower my head it turns green again.. mann.. my eyes are going spaz.

Back to what I was saying. Laters, I got picked up to go to Deng’s place to help get my Vista fixed and Deng’s friend; Henry (but this Henry’s white, not the Asian Henry that we all know) and we all just played OMGPOP (blockles) and I won every round cept one where someone spammed items on my screen >.> Oh yes.. we started betting on Deng’s kitchen.
Me: Okay, if I win, I get to give you something…
Deng: What?
Me: Something from your own kitchen..
Deng: Deal.
So ye, they didn’t end up winning OTHER THEN THAT FLUKE ROUND. Hahahha. Well we had dumplings + coke for dinner at Deng’s and not long after I went home. So yes, bye.

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