Crazy day.

Helllooo fellow blog subscribers! :) Just a reminder, this post won’t be as happylala as my previuos posts, you will see what I mean if you keep on reading.
Okay so, I’ve been working as a waiter at this cafe in Westfield Shopping Centre since yesterday… meaning today’s my second shift :)
Well basically my job is to; deliver food to the customer’s tables and clean up the tables and that’s all! Sounds ezpz? WELL NO.
I need to be able to distinguish between a… latte, cappucino, caffe, mocca, flat white/black, dark/skinny/white tea, hot chocolate, SKINNY TEA/CAFE/CAPPUCINO AND REGULARS T_T They all look the same. Also, the names of the food are so hard to pronounce.. like lets say, SFOPROMLELATTE or wtv, I probably spelt it wrong, but I’m just giving an example. So what happens is, when I go up to the customer and deliver their “SFOPROMELATTE” I have to say it out loud so they can comfirm what they ordered.
“Hello, this is your SIF-O-PROM-IE-LAH-TAY.”
LOL, I sound fob.. but, I am fob, at italian.. *sigh* Image and video hosting by TinyPic

My employee’s made coffee for me to taste, and it tasted so so bitter, which coffee’s are supposed to taste like.. but I added some sugar and the coffee didn’t end up tasting that bad. :)… I just thought you liked to know that. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Later on in the evening, I had to go to Coles to buy 10 4 litre tubs of Homebrand vanilla icecream Image and video hosting by TinyPic for the cafe and I was in a rush because I had to show how efficient I am by using my time wisely. Well.. just when I was about to go into Coles, a guy who was trying to sell nail refining scrubby things that makes your nails all shiny Image and video hosting by TinyPic, started advertising to me.. I didn’t want to be mean or diss him off (like how I did the other day at the Glen -_- Liang.. Ben.. Fred…) so I decided to just go with the flow ~ and so I stood there listening. Well firstly he scrubbed my middle finger nail and made it all shiiinny Image and video hosting by TinyPic it looked pro cuz it was literally gleaming and he also did the same thing to my left hand fingernail… by then I really needed to leave and go shop for some icecream, so I apologized and left. Well even now, as I’m typing and looking at my two middle finger nails, they’re literally glowing, it looks kinda scary, in a kinda pro way Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Since I was already late on getting icecream, I had to push and run with the trolley which made people think I was kinda hectic Image and video hosting by TinyPic, I mean come on.. you don’t see a kid running around with 10 4 litre tubs of icecream everyday do you? Yumm.. :)) ahaha, when I FINALLY GOT BACK TO THE restaurant, I told my employer about the nail polish guy and he loled at me Image and video hosting by TinyPic ta ma da.

Now, for the screwed up part of my day :/, we had to serve these really wobbly baguette things, and might I say they were REALLY REALLY WOBBLY. Well.. when I was serving one of our customers the baguette came off the plate and onto the lady and she yelped and I was just like.. chill Image and video hosting by TinyPic.. it’s just a piece of bread… But she was a nice person so she didn’t make a really big deal out of it.. :) but since my employer saw that incident, he assigned me to just cleaning the tables and serving coffee for the rest of the day.. Image and video hosting by TinyPic Lame.. But you see here, everybody at the restaurant is PRO as, they can like.. hold 5 unstacked plates altogether without looking awkward, so they have kind of highish expectations of me.. so… maybe if I practise delivering food at home Image and video hosting by TinyPic… okay nvm.

OVERALL Image and video hosting by TinyPic, today was an eventful and scary day, but to be honest, I think not trying because you’re afraid of failing is worse than giving it a try and failing.. so ye :)

PEACE OUT HOMIES! Image and video hosting by TinyPic

July 3, 2009. Uncategorized.

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  1. Miyo replied:

    Wow? Part-time job for the holidays already? Whats the pay? ;3;

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