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Why hello :O! Well now the time is 9.30 am Sunday morning and tommorow’s the Queen’s bday! Photobucket meaning I can sleep late again which is good news for me! Photobucket I’m currently reading quotes, download One tree hill and Heroes season 2, watching One piece, blogging and listening to music, transferring my Heroes files to “Wurly” a friend of mine, what did you say? Was this multitasking at its best? And I’m wondering if I should watch Heroes season 2, coz from what others have said it sucked… and I don’t wanna get let down :( because I loved Heroes season 1! Ah well, might as well give it a go :D Oh yeeeah, I have never ever watched One tree hill before, but alot of good quotes come from that movie so… :D YAY! QUOTE SPREEEEEEEEEEE!

I haven’t blogged in helllllla ages! And by that I mean around… like a month ago? LOL!
Well this is the month of exams, which means mass pmsing and supadupa hardcore nerding D’: it’s quite painful to study so hard D:< your back starts aching and then your neck then your eyeballs Photobucket But this is when my nerd glasses come in handy! :D They make me feel nerdy :. I can absorb this nerdiness and embrace it! :D HELL YEAH! Photobucket
Hmm, back to what I was going to talk about :)
Today I made a new discovery! Well I peered inside a bucket full of rain water in my backyard and saw weird looking black worms doing backflips in the water, and at first I was like *rubs eyes* Photobucket wthhhh are these things? Well anyways, these worms look like they were break dancing :O no srsly, it loooooked SO.DAMN.AMAZING! Photobucket How they twirled around and stuff! Oh btw, since I was borrredd so I decided to mess around with those worms, well firstly, I stirred the water around with a stick that I found on the ground and they all twirled around in the bucket Photobucket which was quite boring, so I then held up the bucket up and shook it around Photobucket then looked inside the bucket.. it was really weird.. o_o those weird black worms were CLIMBING BACK UP THE BUCKET WALL TO GET TO THE SURFACE, AND THEY WERE STILL UNDERWATER ANDAND Photobucket WTHHH ARE THOSE THINGS!!??!  PhotobucketPhotobucket So then I decided to name my newly discovered speices the “Black ones” or for short, “Blackies” yes I know, it’s very original and NO, its not racist at all! Photobucket hmm, well I decided to breed these fellow wormies, so Imma check back on them tommorow or something :O or feed them to the birds Photobucket either way.

Oh yes, these past couple of days I grew this huge pimple right between my nose and mouth, which according to Quang is “very random” and well Photobucket recently I’ve been noticing that people haven’t been talking to me, they’ve BEEN TALKING TO MY PIMPLE. They’re like “Hi Tina!” And I reply “My face is up here” Photobucket It’s just like when you get a new haircut, people look at your hair and talk to the hair, not you!

It’s been cold these couple of weeks.. reaallly cold! So recently I’ve been camping around heaters. I take my pillow and blanket and laptop and set up like a mini humble abode around the heater Photobucket it’s nice and warm! :D But I get told off and kicked away from the warmest heater in da house :( gaaaay.


And you know what? I’ve mentioned this before but.. I go to chink school every week right? And there’s this HUGE hill that you have to climb up to get to the school, which is situated right on top of the big hill Photobucket IT’S LIKE A FREAKING QUEST TO FREAKING GET UP TO CHINK SCHOOL AND ITS SO FREAKING TIRING… People in the passing cars probs be thinking “poor child.. Photobucket” Well this is what I think; chinese school doesn’t want you unless you can concur that big hill that leads up to it. Bloody hell -_- I liked our first campus better.


I contradict myself on a daily basis… which apparently is unco on “Gunz forums” says Jason, as noobs tend to contradict themselves.
Well, recently.. I decided to sign up on Gunz forums to see what all the fuss is about.. :) Well yes, and now I’m currently thinking of a “name that will help you win arguments” as quoted by Jason, and I CANNOT THINK OF ANY NAME THAT WOULD HELP YOU WIN ARGUMENTS D:! cept, supertina, isteponants, tamada and iliketocamparoundheaters, so ye. Once I think of a 1337 username I can get started with all the online rage shizz :) and maybe try bring out some peace along the forums.


Ahh.. These few weeks, my rents have decided to go on a house hunt :O in search of a perfect house! :) And well a few weeks ago, we went to check out this house on some random street… and then while we were driving along the street, I saw a glenny kid from my year lvl walking along the street D: I KNEW THIS KIDDDDDDDDDD…!! I will not mention his name for reasons, anyways, my parents started checking the map and suddenly decreased speed… so our car was literally slowing down next to him, and so he looked inside the car and I ducked for my life D: DUCK AND COVERRRRRRR!!! Photobucket SRSLY.. WTH WERE MY RENTS THINKING!?!?!? D:<<< anyways, turns out he lives on that street of the house we were checking out.. the house sucked so much, it reeked of smoke (I hate HATE HATE HATE smoke) and it was just overall a gay house, but there was a park nearby, which was pretty awesome :)

Well, a few days ago we went to go check this REALLY big house in Glennny, it had a helllla alot of small bedrooms. I told my parents that i’d be better if they just had 2-3 really big bedrooms rather then 7 small bedroooms.. :) Well yeeah, recently I’ve been surfing the internet (h) it search of “T3H BEDROOMZ” and well here’s what I found :O These rooms are pretty damn awesome, srsslly :)

1yellow-495x370lovelovelovelovelovee! gottttaloveee!

4maps-495x371They need to replace the chair with a cushiony one and perhaps get a better table too.

5uni-495x275The clock :O and a gooood view too, cept I’ve heard alot of horror stories about living in forests or deserted areas and having big windows :S

9-495x299Cr8ive may I add? :O Crowded but I likey :)

71-495x396Too bad I sleep in my study area anyway. *GRABS MAC AND RUNS*

castles (47)Mali: totally, a castle in someone’s bedroom.

happy-kids-bedroom-554x410I don’t get why beds have to have wheels.




leonardo-kids-bedroom-554x410Not so pretty, but it looks pro.


zalf-kids-bedroom-1My stomach just growled, I’m so hungreeey :(

zalf-kids-bedroomChange the carpet.


Yup, that’s all :) You might witness live blogging sometime today :O LOL! Cozzzzz Team Asia’s coming over tonighttt ~w~ and will be staying pretty late coz it’s a long week (L) YEEEAH! For now! Byebye! Imma go watch some One piece 8)

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  1. Miyo replied:

    Tina I’m so sorry that I can’t come. You go blame my effing parents for not planning things good. Instead I have to go another FUCKIN GHEY PARTY THAT KICKS YOU OUT OF THE FUCKIN HOUSE AT 8 WHEN I COULD BE PARTYING AT YOURS UNTIL MORN. FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK!

    Btw: nice bedrooms :)
    but homg, its like ikea: saving space.
    but the spaces look pretty big.. o-o;

  2. supertina replied:

    BLOODY HECK D:<<<<<
    just joining in with the pms commotion
    dudoos, are you allowed to come over after 8?

  3. Miyo replied:

    i guess last night was …

    but i meet alot of good people and new friends..
    but seriously, i didn’t know that i knew like half the people.
    it was still..
    really awkward.

    omg. lets have a sleepover this holiday.

  4. Estelle replied:

    OMYGOSH TINA!!!! T-T; I just wrote a long comment but then I didn’t include my email so they said error, and then they deleted my whole paragraph too! ARGH.

    anyway, yesyesyes. EHheheheHEHAHHA. You’re so cute Tina. Your blog was funny and I laughed and laugh till I nearly peed in my pants 8D

    yesyes. I’m having accounting 3/4 exam tomorrow AND I’M SO SCARED!!!!!!!!!!! OMG. This I can pee in my pants.. CRIESSSSS* I’m so scared I won’t be able to finish it.
    alright, I needa study :/ I was taking a ‘break’.


  5. Lita replied:

    Wow, I love them allllllllllllllllllll. driving me crazy!!!!

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