Note #1: I ceebies using emoticons.

Note #2: As usual, faces have been blocked due to stalking issues, cept for one blurry photo or two :)

Note #3: I like my school jacket, it keeps me warm.
Last Thursday my class went on a FIELD TRIP to the city! :D to look at Melbourne’s CBD!


We got this like SUPER THICK BOOKLET to fill in :( lame… but the exursion was worth it :)

We went up the Rialto tower :) and took a look around and filled in more questions in our geo booklet.


Hellloooo dowwn thereee!

n536485751_2674142_5637531On the skydeck ^ Lol at our crazy hair! Being on the sky deck was sortta scary, because you never know when the deck might fall to the ground.. D: like one of those theme park rides. Yeye, I’m paranoid about heights.

n536485751_2674136_161597In the elevator. ROFL at everybody trying to avoid the camera :)

We came back down from Rialto tower and came across a group of statues :D The teacher told us to respect the statues ==’ lol but…


^ Last photo taken by Vincent.

Btw, there’s a hellllalotta scene kids/wannabe’s in the city. But they all seem to be wagging.. tut tut. AND THERE’S SO MANY DAMN SMOKERS EVERYWHERE! egh D:

Lol, for our geo group project, there’s this one assesment where we had to randomly go around surveying people in the city. It was kinda scary though, but we chose the nice looking.. old lady type people.
I approached this Asian man, who was sitting down reading a newspaper, and I was like.. hello! On behalf of blabla Secondary College, we would like to conduct a blablablablabla.. and he looked at me and kept reading his newspaper ==’ FRKN FOB! GRRRR.
Anyways, Amali went to survey this guy, who had like a literally 1 min explanation for each survey question ==’, srsly.. this isn’t an interview!


Walking around ^

HEEHEE! After we finished surveying people, we: Mali, Charzy, Sir Boggles, Kit and Asawari had 1.30 hour free time to go wonder around the city in our groups, so we went down to eat at an “exotic Mexican restaurant” coughcough* :)
Our teacher expected us to eat something for creative than Maccas, KFC etc.. coz there’s a heap of good restaurants in the city, and those franchises are everywhere. BAHAHAHAHAHHA.

We came across a WHOLELOOTTTAAA vce peeps, they were having an ESL exursion and they thought we were wagging school ==’ but we thought they were wagging so.. lol.

Laters, we went to bum at Federation Square and OMG!!!
You know how there’s this hugehuge screencast in Fed Square ye? Well, when we looked up at it, it was taping live at Federation Square.. cept we didn’t know where the camera was.. IT WAS SO COOOL! :D All of us jumped infront of the hidden camera and saw ourselves on live screencast :)

And a bunch of camera men came along and tried to film/find the hidden camera.


^ Me on the bottom right, trying to find the hidden camera. My homies, wearing blue, pointing at the screen, minus Sir Boggles who got cut off.

On the train ride back, we had photo wars against the guys lol, and we basically just camwhored heaps! It was quite funny :)


n536485751_2674215_4251845You gotta love Mali!!! :DDDDDDDDDDD LOLOL!!n556360575_6830721_6729339


n536485751_2674187_5291754Me and Sir Boggles :)

And then, we got back to school and went homeee :)

May 16, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Bennyson replied:

    Omg lol you wordpress?

    Haihai this looks fun :):):)

  2. Kathy replied:

    Aww ty <3
    hehe i like your blog too :)
    haha is that city cite?
    i did that in yr 8 xP

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