Photo/cranes by Yana :) Pro muchies?

I found out something recently… Bloggers usually blog about stuff such as reviews, goss etc.. rarely their personal lives..  maybe its to get more views from other cyberweb peoples who have common interests.. :O
BUT! REBBUTAAALLREBBBUUUTTAALL! I reckon, reading blogs about other peoples lives would be quite interesting :) you could find out more about them… STALK THEM! msgplus_img0868
dw, this isn’t one of my peer pressuring schemes to make you guys read my blog more often ==’ orrr is it? msgplus_img0952 Well that’s for YOU to figure out.
Anywhos, HI :) Today Imma just be going on and on about stuff thats been happening. :)
Btw guys, I recommend you tune into PEDO STATION! Megan and me are the hosts.. and we’d also like to give a special mention to our ONE AND ONLY LISTENER… HENRY ZHANG! YEY! :D

Lol yes..
OMG! For my parent teacher interviews.. my teachers were praising me like CRAZZZY!! :DDDD I’M SO MUZZAFUZZING HAPPYYY! :DDDD I’m so glad that my parents spared my life this time.. coz srsly.. o_o one more time I get a crappy parent teacher interview, my rents are gonna DISINHERIT MY ASS D:<
^____^ For a science assesement.. I was the only person out of two classes who got 100% for it :):) Yes, I’m boasting.. get over it, fatty :)

Yesterday Hank was drawing on people’s faces with Sharpies, he drew on my face, I got pissed off and kicked him hard on the shin -_- that idiot.


I’d like to share some of my racist jokes :)
To all the kids who get offended easily out there.. do not get offended if you read this! But if you do, just keep in mind..
I’m only sharing these jokes because they’re funny :) not coz I actually do have something against black people.
Kevin’s joke: Life is like a jar of jellybabies… nobody likes the black ones.
Charm’s joke: What do you call two black people in the same red sleeping bag? KIT KAT!
Henry’s joke: How do you turn an indian on? You press their red button [forehead]
Mali, Me Sir Boggles joke: Why did the two indians cross the road? To camouflage with their other side (don’t ask).

LOL.. the other day I was standing near a 4 square court where a group of curries were playing 4 square.. and the ball went off court and bounced towards Jeremy, and Jeremy kicked the ball into the bush (accidentally) and then one of the curries were like: “EFFING ASIANS! CAN’T EVEN SEE PROPERLY!”
Stupid curries and their smart ass comebacks.

Benson and me made up something pre-tty cool! :D
It goes like this..
1 thing I need to say 2 you, 3 things 4 you.. HIGH 5 6XY!
LOL! :) PRETTY SMOOOOOOOOTH AY? msgplus_img0706

Zomg =__= In between classes… I was at the lockers.. getting stuff from my locker ye? and then when I closed my locker and turned around, Jason was LOOOOMING DOWN at me and eating bread or something and I was like “HOLY CRAP!” *jumps* .. IT WAS SO.DAMN.SCARY!


Yeye! I can’t draw.

AH… I cut my own fringe this week, probably why it looks so wonky ==’ but we’re all Asian.. who doesn’t like free stuff? :)

In class the other day.. I was wearing my dorky frames and I was playing around with a pencil, sticking it through my frames and then the teacher saw and gave me a.. msgplus_img0606 look.
OH YES! ABOUT MY FRAMES..! Some kid on the bus asked if I needed tutoring… WAIT
HERE’S THE CONVO.. sorrta.
*guys taps my shoulder*
*i turn around*
Guy: msgplus_img07111 (he’s probably thinking: “wow.. what a scary looking..”) UM HI! Would you like me to tutor you for maths specialists?
Me: o_o… uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. *bus vibrates* uhhh-h-h-h–hh–h-h-h
I’m in year 10
Guy: OH! I thought you were in year 12 o_o
Me: HAHAHAHA.. It’s these glasses ;)
YAY! These frames make me look older msgplus_img0580

Every morning I catch the bus to school, and while I wait for my bus at the bus stop.. a school bus for of PLC students drive past my bus stop, since there’s traffic lights right next to my bus stop.. the PLC bus usually just stops right infront of me ==’ and the girls on the bus just stareee at me o_o it’s kinda scary ==
Evonne told me that the reason why people on the bus stare at people on the outside is coz they think the bus windows are tinted ==’ but they’re wrong.. I CAN SEE THEM CRYSTAL CLEAR.. THEM ALL STARRRRINNNG AT MEE… msgplus_img1892
and once, a girl took her cam phone out and took a photo of me standing there waiting for the bus.. o_o I SAW THAT!! I SAW IT msgplus_img1330 THOSE “TINTED” WINDOWS ARE NOT TINTED AT ALL!!!
aiyaeyae. TA.MA.DA!

:) hehe well.. ye.. Imma go off now, needa do some homework :) byebye!

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