Monster vs Aliens in 3d :D!

Yesterday me and my friend Yana went to go watch Monsters vs Aliens in 3d!

IT WAS SO FREAKING COOL! Some parts look really realll!

There was this part where some guy vomits on you.. and it looked so real ==’

And.. Jonah Brothers Concert in 3d looks awesome :O!

OH YE! There was a heap of lol stuff in the movie x) like when the president plays the crazy frog song on the keyboard hahahaha! and the part where the professor starts ddring was LOL too, yup :3

Before the movie started.. we went to Safeway to buy some chips and juice packs for the movie! :) Since we’re smart and know that food at the movies are expensive!

After the movie, we went and looked around the arcade.. the arcade got moved upstairs btw.. awww.. no more Intencity T_T
AND.. WE DECIDED TO PLAY DDR! And you know what..? I don’t regret playing it either.. because firstly.. WE PLAYED IT FOR FREE! Because the previuos person who played forgot there was another round and ye :) hehehehehehe. Secondly, its coz it was fun xD? Although I looked so unco coz I kept missing -_- but I PASSED! So all’s good.

^ Me ddring :) ye shutup, I know I look unco.

Laters we went to eat some cones, then went around trying to find Yana a blow dryer and beanie -_- hehe :) I SAW SILVIA AT THE GLEN!!


And yup, thats it :)

April 17, 2009. Uncategorized.

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  1. yanasayscheese replied:

    hehe (:
    i just feel like leaving a comment.

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