I had PE first period this morning, and we were playing basketball :) Let me re-cap on what happened.
– Mali’s dribbling the ball –
– Mali passes ball to me –
And I literally start R O F Ling, yes and still holding the basketball :) so I got penalised ==’ pfft.

Oh ye and HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAE msgplus_img0575!

ARRGH… I had an accounting test today, I actually did quite okay, i think.. WELL HOPEFULLY! It was a double period, so for the 2nd accounting period, we just messed around :P

Today was probably one of the RAINEST and thunderiest day this WHOLE TERM! Me, Ruth and Charm T all stood in the rain and got drenched from head to toe :) it felt nice… in a way, but then I kinda regretted it later on, coz I was freezing my pants off! D:< BUT IT WAS SOOOO WORTH IT! :D THE MAGICCCAL FEEELING OF THE RAIIIN! msgplus_img8295

At lunch time, me and Mali were vsing Kitty and Sir Boggles in a ‘who can scare eachother the most’ duel :D So what we did was…
We were circling around the hall in opposite directions, but me and Mali got a plan :D we took a break near a station so we could prey on Kitty and Boggles when they came along :D
Then we hid in the mini caved in station right next to Kitty and Boggles’ station that they were hiding in (they didn’t know we were in the station next  to theirs).
Then me and Mali counted down
and RAN OUT OF OUR STATION, but we failed, because Kitty and Sir Boggles were out of their stations and looking in our direction
then we cracked up laughing :)
I suck at explaining, but you get my drift :)

AHH… LAST DAY OF SCHOOOL!! YEESS! LAST PERIOD WAS ENGLISH, all we did was play games :3 then the bell rang

Oh ye, I left my keys at home so I got locked outside :( So I headed off to Maccas which was just down my street and stayed there, ate, and studied, like all the pro adults do :D! – a sip of McCoffee, a newspaper and a laptop! :O

Well anyways, today was an AMAZING DAY! in many ways that I cannot type down nor explain :) in wayss that make my little heart thump with joy! :):):) hehe.

Time to goo! Byebye!

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  1. こん replied:

    your blog is just LOL D8<

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