We’re going on an adventure Charlie, an ADVENTURE :O!

Today was the last day of Chinese school! msgplus_img0982 YAY! No more waking up early and crawling up this GIANORMOUS HILL that leads up to Chinese school -_- ta ma da.
AHHHHHHHH T_____T My chinese teacher read out my essay to everybody in the class! :D but.. it was kinda embarrasing -_- coz I wrote a sidenote saying: “My mum and dad did not help me write this essay like how everybody else’s mum’s and dad’s would of.” and in chinese ofcourse! And my teacher READ out my side note.. aiyaeyae…
LOLOL! btw there’s this door from the outside that leads inside the building which is REALLY hard to open :) bahhaha.. and well, it’s fun to watch people try to open the door.. there was this one kid who kept pushing down the handle and it still didn’t open msgplus_img06241 then MEGANN LOL! Megan came and tried to open the door (took her a while), and it was fun to “observe”. msgplus_img13361 Yessir! it sure was.

Afterschool… I led the sweet and sugary crew, which included of: Kitty and Kate as KITKAT!, Sir Boggles as Redskin, Michelle as MARSHMELLOWS!, Jane as Jellybaby :))) Kevin as KRISPY KREME! Fred as FREDDO, Lea as LOLLEAPOP, Charm Tas TASTY CUPCAKE! Liang as Liquorice, Amali as Caramalli ;D and Charm K as Chewing gum :)  lmao -_- anyways, Fred and Lea couldn’t make it so the rest of the crew + me :D (I’m Tina for TimTams!) went on an expedition to explore da hoods outside our Chinese School :O! I was leading the expedition :)
Well… we went into some random street and went through this weird grassy area with mushrooms msgplus_img13041 that me and Sir Boggles stepped on, and killed. Then we walked back to school because the rest of the crew have classes, but for me; I had no classes… so I walked to the bus stop and went back hommeee.

When I got home, I ate and then napped from 2-5 pm msgplus_img07131, then afterwards I studied for a while + family friends were coming over later.
6:30: Family friends came over.
me: HEYYYYY! :) Since we have nothing better to do, here’s our plan.
1) You guys watch me play Tetris for an hour
2) We eat dinner
3) You guys watch me watch One piece!
4) You guys watch me play Maplestory :)
and oh? do you guys wanna play on my comp? -waits 1/2 a sec- alright! I take that as a no, so you guys just take a seat and let TINA’S ONE MAN SHOW BEGIN! *starts playing Tetris*

heehee :)
It’s called negoitation, a win win thing! msgplus_img05801


^ I secretly took a webcam pic of them watching me watch One Piece! :)

and it’s time to goooo, so byebye!

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  1. Timmy replied:


    …And play Maplestory on GMS with me again =[
    I have a level 85 Crusader and no one to play with. All my friends leveled way over me!!!
    I need a heal pot!

  2. 美根 replied:


    family friends?


    what a fun list of things to do.
    imagine you had to go to a bday party.
    and then that was all the host did.

    not so fun ~_~

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