Another long weekend :)

Mind the boringiness pl0x.
(Glossary for internet terms will be updated later on this week)

since we had labour day on Monday, we aussies had a long weekend! :)
& here’s my recap of my long weekend!

Firstly, I had to go to chinese school on Saturday; like every other Asian kiddo. But later on in the evening, my friend Emma came over :O and we just bummed around, ate and watched I’m not Stupid 2 (it’s an asian movie) :) she’s un-asian though, she’s a smexyy white kid :) but! she understood the movie :) haha. Well ye, then she left to go home :( So there’s my Saturday.

Secondly, it was Amali’s birthday on SUNDAY!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD Me and Ruthiepoop met in the Glen to get a refund or something (that I ceebies explaining in deets), after that we went over to Mali’s house.
Anyways, Mali opened her present.. *DENDENDENDENNNN* A IPOD CHROMATIC! :)) Alotta people chipped in for it btw.
We played singstar for like an hr, talked and ate yummy foodles :)
LEA’S CUPCAKES WERE DELISHUTH x) so was the pasta, no jokes.


^ Lea’s cupcakes :O, btw, photo stolen off Charm :)

I had to leave an hour early, so I didn’t get to eat dinner with the rest of the party x((( but I had another party coming up at my house straight after.. soo ==’

When I got home, Team Asia started gathering :O btw, Team Asia consists of me ^^, Megan, Henry, Deng and Dong and some others :) that could not make it for obvious reasons that I REALLY CEEBIES EXPLAINING.

So ye, once everybody gathered, we ate stuff (pizza) then went outside.
We went to like this field thing, it’s like
a hill.. but a grassy hill kinda field.
It was around 8pmish something already, so the sun was setting pretty quickly.
We sat in a circle in the the middle of the field and talked for ages x) and it was so LOL, oh ye, here was one thing that I kind of remember.
So Henry and Deng were running away from us.
Me, Megan and Dong were just sitting in the middle of the field and Dong was like.
Dong: Lol.. they’re running into the sunset together.
Megan: Oh knoes, Deng just knocked Henry over.
Henry was standing up, and the moon was behind him and the glow around the moon made Henry look like he had a halo.. you know, like godly like? ROFL. LAMMEEE
ANDD -_-
We were like, in a pretty, nature-ishh place and chillaxing ye? Then Dong just takes out his psp and starts playing Mario.. x__x

Okay anyways, so it was getting really dark now, and it was so scarily cool :O! So what we did was we all united and held hands and made our way back home.
dw, we weren’t ACTUALLY holding hands like homos.
we encountered a few weirdos hanging out on the streets and yep :)
I was tugging on peoples sleeves, and I think I probs left like stretch marks on Dong’s sleeve coz I WAS SO SCARED! AND TUGGING ON SO HARD.

When we got home, we watched the first 3 eps of Supernatural :O
Megan was making us even more scared, coz she was making unnecassary noises that scared the heck out of me.


^ Here’s us watching Supernatural, IN.THE.DARK :O well not rly, we struck a pose for these photos ;D
BAHAHA! We took a really corny country music song and put it as the background music for one of the eps and it was SO LOL! Like a cheesy parody x) hahaha.
Well the party ended at 1 am in the morning and after that we all went backk to our little beds and nodded off to the land of pixiess and fairies.

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  1. littlevip replied:

    lmao Jess’s hand :D
    (cupcake pic xD)

  2. charm replied:

    tina ;P

  3. 美根 replied:


    why are my eyes like a cat?

    meow ~

  4. supertina replied:

    no, they’re like scrambled eggs.

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