and today…


Imma blog about school today.
Well.. did you guys hear about (this has nothing to do with school) Youtube removing nigahiga’s ‘How to be emo’ and ‘How to be gangster’ vids? :O WELL LOL! those vids were the ones that started up nigahiga’s famee! Mann… nigahiga’s gotta think up of more epic vids or his gonna be forgotten forever msgplus_img06221! luckily I downloaded his ‘How to be’ collection before they got deleted, so if you want them, just give me a buzzz :)

Today was so special! that I had to blog about it.
Well in english; our homework was to tell a joke to our class and there were some pretty funny ones :D and some examples were….
Hank’s joke:
-Hank stands up to tell his joke-
Hank: Collin! *points at Collin (that was his joke)
Class: -laughs-
Teacher: Well aren’t you guys so passionate and loving towards your fellow class peers.LOOLOLOLOLOL!!

Mark’s joke:
Mark: so there were two spiders on top of eachother and a girl asked her dad what the bottom spider was and the dad replied; it was a daddy long legs. then she was like, whats the one on the top then? and then the dad’s like it’s also a daddy long legs. then the girl stepped on the spiders and was like, i don’t want any of this poofter shiez.

O_O OMGG everybody got some txt msg from vic police saying something like: extreme weather in vice expected mon night and tues. high wind and fire risk? omggg x__x frick! they make it sound like some monsoon’s coming or something.

coneBTW!!! I will buy you a cone if you join WordPress and start blogging on a regular basis :) I’m serious.

kay, that’s all folks.

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  1. rune replied:

    cone ください!

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