kay anyways… I FOUND A NEW WALKING TO SCHOOL BUDDY! he goes by the name jason yang, he’s muchos coolies! :) even though i almost made a car run over him today ^^” but i’m pretty sure he would forgive me for that amirite, am i? :D ye well anyways, we walked to school through ‘da hood’ as what jason would call it, JASON WAS SCARING LITTLE CHILDREN! and ye, well we caught up to hank and sus and we sat in the mid of this walking track for a moment and talked and stuff :) WELCOME TO 10GEEBERS HANKIEPANTS! kk, so naooo… we collected sus and hank on the way to school :D OUR WALKING GROUP HAS BECOME LARGER! :oooo ok… we kept walking o_o and we saw KEVIN ROFL, he was just standing there o__o like.. standing there, weird huh? >.> so we now have 5 PEOPLE IN OUR WALKING CREW :) BAHHAHAHAHAHAHA, yep well.. next part, got to school, seperated different ways to join our groups :) THEN WE WENT INTO THE GYM AND HAD OUR BORRRRING ASSEMBLY D::::::
then the day goes on, ceebies typing :( OH YE! JON WILLIAMS! (he wants us to call him jon) our english teacher IS UBER AWESOME! he seems like a jolly fun teacher to have and his jokes are actually funny.
hm.. lets say, being called a year 10 feels so strange… SCHOOL ENDED EARLY TDAY! YESSSSSS! gey thing is that schools starts at 8.10 tommorow morning :( how lamee… ye well hm :)
I LOVE SCHOOOOL :DDDDDDDD its so fun :) sososososososososo fun!
so ye, cyaz lovelies :)

February 3, 2009. School.

One Comment

  1. みくる replied:

    walking to school groupies eh?
    gheyness D8

    anyways, thats sounds fun

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